Fitness for Everyone

Work out your way. Statera gives you a range of fitness options. You can hit the floor on your own. Join class led by an enthusiastic instructor. Or go one-on-one with a motivating personal trainer. Best of all, our flexible memberships allow you to change that approach at any time to refresh your motivation or take your intensity up a notch.

Personal Training

Nothing will give you better results, faster, than working with a personal trainer. If you haven't tried it yet—it's time. Statera Fitness gives you a variety of ways to work with a trainer.

Smart Start

Schedule a one-hour appointment with a personal trainer when you join Statera Fitness. We'll conduct body composition and heart rate assessments, discuss your fitness goals and concerns, and then walk you through a personalized workout program that's designed specifically for you.

Weekly Workouts

Ideally, you'll want to work with a trainer three times a week, for 30 – 45 minutes each session. Your trainer will customize each session to maximize your results, while keeping you interested, motivated and injury-free. Month after month, your trainer will monitor your progress, and introduce you to new routines as your fitness level advances.

Monthly Check-Ins

If you prefer to work out on your own, checking in with a trainer just once a month at a 30-minute appointment is a good idea to make sure your workouts are really working for you. We'll conduct a body composition assessment to measure your progress, and suggest new lifting and cardio routines.

Fitness Classes

Joining a group fitness class is a great way to vary your routine while meeting new people. And its fun!

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Student Sports Training

On season and off, sports training can take your performance to the next level. Statera Fitness trainers know what it takes to build the speed, strength, flexibility and endurance that are specific to your sport. We offer customized training for student athletes—from grade school through college—who are driven to excel in baseball, football, basketball, soccer, hockey and more. Ask about special student rates and team training.

Cardio Equipment

Quality matters when it comes to cardio equipment. Statera has the best.

  • Treadmills and elliptical cross trainers feature options that are both entertaining and allow you to vary workout programming. Progress monitors track distance, time, heart rate, calories burned and more.
  • Upright and recumbent exercise bicycles adjust to fit your body and suit your preferred riding style. Ergonomically designed handlebars encourage proper hand and wrist positions.
  • Stair climbers with variable settings allow you to get a low-impact cardio workout or to challenge yourself with a more demanding session.

Strength Training

Build up or tone up: Statera offers everything you need to become a stronger you.

  • Life Fitness Signature Series® Weight Machines are designed to minimize intimidation and maximize results. Even novices will lift with confidence.
  • Hammer Strength Free Weights feature a full range of dumbbells and full barbell rack systems.